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Submitted on
October 1, 2011


Amazing!! Batgirl, actually, she isn't Batgirl in this storyline (yet, who knows :shrug:) appeared in Young Justice Seaso 1 Ep 12 "Homefront" :hooray: I've waited for this episode for a whole month since I heard Robin and Artemis would be under the spotlight this time. At last! After many weeks and a couple of episodes without seeing them :w00t: Rob is my fav hero from the team and I  think they should make him appear more often...Or desappear less! I still hope to see an episode focused on the Dinamic Duo!!

I just got kicked off the nine cloud and it hurts!:iconcryingplz: I'm happy to see Barbara 'Gordon unsaid' at Gotham's Academy. When I did my eyes got wide, but I got a big deception on her and even so, I would like to see her again in the show.

As you guys know (if you've read this before I edit it) There was said that Hynden Walch voiced Barbara in YJ. Well let's just say that I would kick my own butt for thinking that that was indeed her voice!:tantrum: How could I have mistaken her wonderfull voice?! :depressed:
My point...I rechecked the site and saw that it isn't Hynden the voice of Barb but 'Alyson Stoner' :saddummy: (also voicing Bette Kane)  
I was so excited thinking it was Hynden and now I feel heartbroken!

As I said I won't complain. Alyson has a pretty voice. Though it's not who I wanted to voice Barb it's ok :shrug:
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Ha ha that's funny. Now Hynden Walch has voiced TWO of Robin's love interests. (Will always prefer Star though.)
DickGraywolf Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
That were my thoughts exactly and I was SO happy. But I just checked again to confirm that it was Hynden and my heart broke when I red that it's actually 'Alyson Stoner' who voiced Barbara:iconcryingplz: , and it's official

I will have to rewrite some things at this journal :tears:
kimoyuki Oct 1, 2011  Student Writer
oh my god!!! the yesterday episode was awesome!!!
all about robin and Artemis. well the Robin part.:giggle:
It was awesome!!!
i was shock when i saw Barbara. hahaha that was a funny scene in Gotham's Academy. wow.:happybounce: can't wait for the next new episode.aaaahhh!!!

:wow: uh? Hynden Walch plays the voice of Barbara?:faint:
no way. that's awesome!!! that's good to hear.
*sometimes i wish they made an episode of Starfire in young justice. and robin meets her. well that's what i really wanted to happen.but as i saw more. i just kept it in mind.^^; thanks for tells us about this.
DickGraywolf Oct 1, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
I also want more Gotham's Academy scenes :w00t: The show isn't showing much Robin as it should :shakefist::shrug:

Yes, HYNDEN!! :love: :hooray: I almost fainted too, instead I jumped off jump my chair and do a 'yeah' gesture with my fist. :XD: I had dreamed with Starfire doing an appearence in YJ too. Thought with Dick as a 13 years all kid, I kinda doubt it :(
kimoyuki Oct 2, 2011  Student Writer
right!!! I'm a robin fan like you. and i was thinking the exact thing. SHOW MORE ROBIN!!! :highfive:

hahahaha. i yelled and fainted!!!:tighthug:
i really wanted to starfire to show up. and that some aweosme scene would happen between them. but as i saw the show more. i said. nay:no: may-be we should leave him single. started to doubt it like you. but that episode on friday. at the end. where Artemis was checking if Robin was okay. wow.:faint: that's was....OH MY GOD!!!! good scene!! :happybounce:
DickGraywolf Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
I just re edited this journal right after find out that is not my dear Hynden who voices Barbara but Alyson Stone instead :tears:

Now, even if I'm sure Starfire won't appear in the show...if, she ever does, god please! Let be Hynden who voices her :pray:
kimoyuki Oct 3, 2011  Student Writer
:cries: that's heart breaking news.:|

yes,may god here our prayers:)
because, picture it. starfire in the show and its not Hynden. i would be shock. so shock,flies would go in my mouth and back out.:jawdrop:
*comforts you* :pat:
DickGraywolf Oct 4, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
Yes, I know. I'm still a little bit sore about it *sigh*
Yeah totaly! Starfire and no Hynden...that's sound weird, right? :O_o:

Thanks for the support^^ :hug:
kimoyuki Oct 4, 2011  Student Writer
sure no problem. I'll always be here.:tighthug:
bk00 Oct 1, 2011  Student Writer
That's why Babs sounded so familiar. That's hilarious!

I was so excited to see her too, even though she had one line!

Though what I didn't see coming was Artemis relationship with Chesire! That was unexpected!
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